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The plane, a DR340 Major, was born at CEA (Centre Est Aeronautique) plant In Darois, France, in May 1968, with s/n 320.

The original design was made by Joly and Delemontez (the famous Jodel) in 1946. In 1957 Delemontez and Robin (DR) start CEA which since 1970 becomes Avions Pierre Robin. After several models the DR300 is the first one with a tricycle gear.  All these planes have similar body and wing but differentiated only for the engine type and number of seats (two to four). The subsequent model (DR400) is still being manufactured.

This DR340 grows and studies in France, then it moves to Italy where it is registered I-MARJ. It resides first in Pavia, then in Lucca, Ozzano, Ferrara, Aguscello and, since this year, in Molinella. I-MARJ flies nicely and only by private pilots without having any accident. As of today it has 1800 flown hours, of which, in the last 15 years, 500 with Gian and Roberto. Its fabric has been replaced in the wings (1995) and the fuselage when it has been painted with the actual scheme (2006).

In 2012 the engine suffered an acute fuel leaning for which a total engine overhaul was carried out the same year: today the engine has 80 flying hours. The plan has flown several raids to Spain, Portugal, France, the Nederland, UK, Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia, Greece, Malta. It fluently speaks French, Italian and English.

  • Specs
  • Specs

    The body and wing are made of wood covered with fabric, the wing has a double dihedral, a stabilatore, and fixed tricycle gear.

    The engine is a 150 HP Lycoming O320 e2a, Sensenich fixed pitch aluminum prop with 64” pitch, long range tanks (210 L), MTOW 1000 Kg, Vs 95 Km/h, Vm 200, Vcruise 75% 205, VNE 295, burning up 33 L/h.

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