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I was born in 1959 in Bologna and i am flying since 1983, I began to fly in Lugo di Romagna airfield with Meo Golfera as mine  instructor (  second world war Savoia Marchetti S79 torpedo bomber pilot) .    

I cannot forget my first solo flight, Meo got  off the Cessna 150 and then my take off roll on the grass field striped of daisies. The C150 almost took off by themselves  freed by the instructor weight, but not by the instructors recommendations .

Flying path was not enough for me , so i began to go around other airports and enrol to rally competions.

In Brindisi airport august 1989 by chance i met the  Siai Marchetti 205 I-ICAQ  owned by an Italian Aeroclub,  “Love at first sight!”  ,  by chance again a group of friends asked me to join them in the future I-ICAQ ownership .

Owners  changed  , but the Marchetti and I are always ready for flight.

During my at about 800 S205 flying hours i had the opportunity to visit most of the European countries  and in 2001 with friends from Rome  we went to Tokio (S205 : I-SJAB and I-VRST)

I love to make flight planning and navigate them. I like to flight solo, with friends and formation.

I thanks God for this best gift and i thank my family who when is possible is joying me in my flights.

In this hearth life i work in information technologies  and I am happy married, we have one son.

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