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Born in Rimini in 1948, was moved to Indonesia for five years, then in Brazil (Belèm do Parà) till 1965. Graduates in 1073 in Civil Engineering at Bologna, and starts working in Milan with an engineering Consulting Firm. From 1976 to 1998 lives in Thailand and Indonesia, first as Resident Engineer for  Design and Construction of a Dam in Bali, then as Managing Director of the Asian manufacturing subsidiary of an Italian Company. From 1998 is based in Bologna and travels worldwide as Industrial Director, until 2008 when is retired. Obtains in Bologna the Pilot Licenses for Glider (1967) and PPL (1975). In 1982 he gets a Glider Instructor rating in Rieti. He has towed gliders with P66, MS893 and Stinson L5; now he tows gliders in Ozzano with a DR400R. Since 1999 he owns, with his friend Roberto de Concini, a 1968 Robin DR340, which they regularly fly out of Molinella.

So far he has cumulated in excess of one thousand flying hours. Gian is happily married, has three children and two nephews. 

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