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I was born in Lodi, on December 16, 1966. I, too, belong to the large group of people who fell in love at birth with the world of flying and everything that concerns it (static models, model airplanes and whatever else flies).

In 1986, I began my career by attending regular courses at the Military Academy of Modena from which I graduated and became an officer of the Carabinieri.

Even in private leisure from my profession, I always kept alive in myself the desire to fly until, in 2006, I got a private pilot's license at the flying club in Rome. Always attracted by historic aircraft and with the desire always to learn something more, I wanted to try the "taildragger".

I'm loving it, despite the inherent "diversity" from conventional aircraft. I obtained certification at the L-18C  of the flying club of Viterbo.

I continued to fly when I can, on an L-18C English, built in 1954, a former trainer at the post-war Luftwaffe, with about 12,000 hours on the cell.

I live and work in Rome, am married to Francesca and the father of Lavinia Emma.


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