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I was born in 1938, in Gallarate, while my father, then a young captain pilot in the Regia Aeronautica, commanded a squadron of Fiat BR20 bombers at Lonate Pozzolo airfield.

So I am, in a sense, a "son of art": The passion for flying has always been a characteristic in my family. Even my father's brother was a military pilot, and my grandfather was a doctor, of course in aeronautics.

So, it was inevitable then that I would graduate in aeronautical engineering at the Politecnico di Torino.

As a partner and Advisor of "gliding Centre of Politecnico di Torino", I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Morelli brothers in the design, construction and certification of the experimental prototype gliders "Dart", "M200" and "M300", in which I have also carried out test flights.

I have worked at famous aeronautical companies (Agusta, Siai Marchetti, AerMacchi, Aerix).

I was Chairman (from 1984 to 2003) of the Club Aviazione Popolare, and the Italian Association of Amateur aircraft Constructors.

I am the builder and the first VariEze, built in Italy, marked I-PINA. (That is the name of my extremely patient wife.)

In 2004, I was awarded the FAI Paul Tissandier Diploma "for Service to Aeronautics and Airsports".

I am owner of a GPL (since 1958), a PPL (since 1960) and a ULM (since 1996).

I have been, for 25 years, a gliding instructor and for 7 years pleasure flight instructor.

I have 2400 flying hours.

I live in Bergamo and currently I fly a splendid Fournier RF5, D-KCID, 1972.



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