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I was born in Padua on October 2, 1970, and I have always been fond of everything that is run by a motor.

A boy motorcyclist, a footnote in the world of rally thanks to my father's passion for the sport, then I was inducted into the air force...VAM in Padua... where, on many nights, I had to stand guard. So right here I began to observe and admire the splendid SIAI 208 of Gen. Colussi. I spent hours dreaming and daydreaming but everything was limited to that.

Andrea Rossetto who asked me to deliver meals to the second FLY PARTY caused me return to sleepless nights with my eyes that beautiful plane.

The next year, I worked with HAG for the third FLY PARTY and finally I decided ... on August 2013 I got my ultralight pilot licence at the airport of Thiene, and now I'm working for the advanced one .... Thank you, Andrea and all of HAG who continue to make me dream. Who knows? Maybe someday, I, too.....



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