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I was born in Rome, where I live and work, on September 29, 1949. I approached flying when I was over 30, at the beginning of the 80's, according to my brother.

I started with the ultralight when law 106 was still to come. I remember the Voyager, the Barouder, the Egleas and the Quicksilver but my first love was the delta motor; My first Atlas 22 that took off at 40 km/h, flew at 45 and would land at 40. I flew it only in the evening at sunset, when the windsock was “dead”. What a time!

In the late 80 's, there were the first “three axles”: The first was a pink and fuchsia topfan, then one of the first P-92's motorized Limbach, followed by a P-96. At the end of the 90's, I joined the Aero Club of Rome and took the PPL.

I kept flying with an ultralight and also with the flying club Cessnini to keep the licence.

In 2004, I joined the Club Aviazione Popolare later the CAP Federation. Since 2006, I have been flying with the 2006 RV9 I-ROCK.

This year, the family has expanded, and after more than two years of work, I have finished the restoration of an Ercoupe 415-D I-ERPG.


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