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Gianni Pesce was born in Vicenza on December 27, 1942. At the age of five, he moved with his father Antonio to Venezuela. Antonio was a former pilot of CANTZ 1007 in the Regia Aeronautica. Like many other Italians, after the war, he was forced to emigrate in order to continue to earn a living by flying.

Gianni grew up around airplanes, engines removed, and old DC3's in restoration. So it was there that he decided that his profession would be aircraft technician.

At age 17, he returned to Italy and worked in the workshop of a taxi company where he worked for his father. After a few years, he was hired first by Aeroclub Treviso, and then from 1967 to 2000 worked continuously for the Padova Aeroclub. In 2002, he became head of maintenance for Breitling Aerobatic team in Thiene with Sukoi 29 and Sukoi 31, later on he holded the same position with the RedBull team and Breitling Devils on the SIAI SF260.

For Gianni, an airplane whether it's a Stinson L5, a MB308, a SF260 or a Piper Saratoga, has no secrets! Our machines fly thanks to his advice and its care. Thanks Gianni!


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