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I was born in 1956 and I am a professional journalist.

A journalist, said Bismarck, is the type that has lost craft. And indeed the kid, Giancarlo, dreamed of being an astronaut, though one had to be a test pilot with such things as 1,000 hours on a jet, a master's degree or PhD, and a perfect physique, to be an astronaut. In addition, things like a G-proof stomach and a USA passport (or the USSR as an alternative). Lacking any of the requirements, instead of flying up to 28,000 km per hour at an altitude of 400 km, I am content to scratch to 1000 ft agl with an ultralight with 100 hp.

A few years ago I discovered that I was suffering from an inexplicable passion for old aircraft. The disease was aggravated after flying in vehicles such as the Ford Trimotor, North American T6, Boeing B17G, Beechcraft C45. Now I wants to add a warbird! I havn't done it yet, because I'm still have to decide between a P38, a P47, a P49, a Spitfire and a Corsair, and also because he continues to wait to win the lottery.

Meanwhile, I joined HAG and continues to dream.


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