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I was born in Milan on January 26, 1958. Dedicated to aviation from my earliest years (thanks to a fanatical father), I lived much of my childhood, adolescence and maturity in airports, events and aviation museums around the world.

Formerly a student pilot at the Aviation Institute of Forli, and later patented for gliders C (in 1977 and then for 15 years in flight-related activities), today I dedicate much of my spare time to historical aviation, submerged among photographs books and vintage aviation magazines and plastic models absolutely vintage (pre -1960). In the rest of the time I have become a jazz saxophonist, with 40 years of moderate success among critics and the public.

Events in life lead to painful choices, then reminiscence about ceasing to become a pilot. However, finding HAG, and the spirit that lives in, made me realize that it is never too late to see amazing aircraft and meet people and enjoy what I almost always have had at heart, historic airplanes.


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