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Born in 1954 I began my career in elementary school with air force aircraft in elastic and plastic models powered by a COX engine. After a motorcycle period, I started to building model airplanes from kits, aircraft classics reproduction I° and II° WW.

In the early 80's, I obtained my 2nd degree pilot certificate, in 1986 my pilot's license, and in 1989 my commercial pilot license for helicopters (CPL-H). For about ten years, I served as a reading and chief operating officer and chief pilot in aerial work for some firms. In 1995, I built my first plane, a motor glider AS 10 with KFM 107 I-ZAKK.

With it, I won the trophy of the 1996 CAP meeting. Still not satisfied, I started building the Rand Robinson KR 2, that flew perfectly for a decade.

The urge to build is overwhelming so, after seeing the Boredom Fighter of Giovanni Taglietti, that I loving (Giovanni, not the airplane!) I bought the drawings from the USA and I began to cut and paste kindling wood and plywood.

At the moment, I'm building the wings and I want to fly it in 2014.

My interest is in aircraft built before 1950 ... with some interest in jets of the Korean War ... but not beyond that period.


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