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I was born in Udine in 1953, and lived from adolescence at Maserada sul Piave (Treviso) where my passion for aviation took hold.

For various reasons, the dream of becoming a pilot and later a career in Military Aviation vanished, but I continued to pursue passionately historical research and photography of military aircraft.

In 1989, together with some friends, I founded the VMAS-Veneto Military Aviation Society, an association that has managed to publish some books dedicated to the aircraft "special colours" of the Italian armed forces and to organized the Fly-in on October 10, 2010, at "Jonathan Field” on the island of Grave di Papadopoli (Treviso), on the banks of the Piave River.

I have always had a great interest in historic aircraft and "warbirds," writing to GAVS Friends Historical Aircraft Group, over the years, I've occasionally collaborated with various Italian magazines, French, English and Dutch, with articles or photographic material.

I have redacted the texts (whole or partial) of the following books: "Wings on the brand" by Francesco Ballista, "Runway Zero-Five, 1954-1992 the Cold War at Aviano as co-author together with Maurizio Torcoli and Mauro Roder," and Aviano "Monographic Editions s.r.l.

In addition to continuing my historical research and sporadic writing of articles, I have been also a pilot at "Jonathan" Field and sometimes even at Nervesa della Battaglia at the "Jonathan Collection."

I hope to be able to give my modest contribution to the Historical Aircraft Group in Italy.


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