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I was born in Milan on December 4, 1948. As a child, I saw an aerial demonstration at Forlanini (Back then, you could!!!) and I was fascinated by the world of aviation. That passion has stayed with me all my life!

I have always tried to combine my work and my passion for flying and engines, even if over time often my work as a consultant in mining and road facilities has often been in the way because of the lack of time. In the early 1980's, I began to fly and I had the pleasure of flying some airplanes that are now historical but wee still fashionable in my day!

After a long period away from flight for business, three years ago I acquired and am currently the owner of a Savage that has honed my slow flight technique and allows me to reach difficult tracks available for other aircraft.

Currently, I'm flying to Torbole Casaglia, but I'll be back soon to fly to Gragnano not far from my house.

In general aviation I fly from Parma.

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