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I was born in Desenzano on August 28, 1966. Ever since I was a child, I breathed the passion of flight. My father actually worked at 6° stormo Ghedi and before my grandfather at high speed in Desenzano. Whenever possible, I was in military aircraft.

In 1998, I completed the PPL at the Aero Club of Verona Boscomantico flying on Cessnini classics, PA28 and Tampico. But shortly after that, I integrated this license with the VDS certificate that gave me more freedom and the ability to fly more often and without too many limitations.

In 2008, I decided to extend my experience of rotary wing flight, and then earned my helicopter pilot's license in Trento.

The passion for flying is part of my life and I was able to acquire near Lake Garda a beautiful farmhouse with adjoining airfield ( where I worked a few years ago on a friend's Stearman biplane.

Ever since the summer of 2012, I have been the proud owner of a FIAT G46 that I purchased in England that I am slowly but surely returning to its former glory!


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