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My name is Claudio. I was born on June 15, 1958 in Bergamo where I live and work as a professional certified public accountant, but always, are passionate about aviation.

It all began in the late 60's when, with my family, I spent a month or more on holiday at the seaside in Riccione. Even at eight or nine years of age, I was on the beach with binoculars spendingt hours sitting on deckchairs watching the incredible air traffic sailing in the heavens in those great years. I still have vivid memories of the F-84F, F-86 k, F-104, T-33A, C-119, T-6, and AB.47J that I saw, in addition to the beautiful DC-3, DC-6 and Caravels. Rimini Airport was two steps away, and the landing path included flights over Riccione. None of them eluded me, and even then I scored goals diligently on slips of paper, day after day, spotting and recognizing all the planes.

In 1973, at the age of fifteen, I took my first photographs of aircraft landing at Rimini, and I have never stopped.

Of course, I wanted to be a military pilot, but unfortunately my awful myopia has prevented me. I then approached the world of aviation from what was then perhaps the best aviation magazine in Italy ("JP-4") that published my first article in the May 1976 issue: aircraft withdrawn from AMI and kept at air bases or various locations.

In addition to the magazine "JP-4," I have collaborated with other industry publications "Landscape" and "Defence Aeronautics Defense &" and, occasionally, with French and English journals.

I also collaborated on numerous books by various authors in Italy (Riccardo Niccoli, Renzo Sacchetti, Marco Amatimaggio, David Chater, David Catalin and others) mainly providing historical and photographic documentation. Over time, I have organized an archive that includes more than 30,000 slides and images of military planes and helicopters.

In recent years I have dedicated myself mainly to historical research on the story of the air force and of the other bodies and agencies of the State from 1945 to the present day, and to personal knowledge. I hope that, with other authors, I can can published the work that was carried out in coordination with Giorgio Apostolo, who I believe is one of the most respected publishers in the industry.

I am a member of the "Friends of historical Aircraft Group" and sometimes, I collaborate with the Army Aviation Officer that you are dealing with to retrieve and organize the historical material in anticipation of a future Museum in Viterbo.

Unfortunately I am neither a pilot nor owner of historic aircraft, but I hope that I can be useful to the common cause by giving my modest contribution to history.


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