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I am not a pilot and I don't have that genetic aeronautic component...nevertheless from the time I was a baby, every time a supersonic jet flew over somewhere in the sky, I pointed my nose upwards.  After a timid and tentative entry into the Aeronautical Academy, I buried my passion and threw myself into my studies and then into private practice.

Getting older, however, the voice of aeronautics called again. 

I am trying to be brief, prompted by my wife.  However, every now and then I take a little flight with my pilot friends, illegally, and it makes me happy!

From a virtual point of view, I'm a good pilot and I proudly take part in a virtual group, the 150 GCT, consisting of 150 adults with the enthusiasm of kids ... really a great group of friends.  Then, there is my passion for aviation history, especially during the Fascist period and World War II.

Together with my great friend, Silvano Marti, I wrote a fine book about pilots in my area, the Valdichiana, collecting a nice archive of testimonials and photos of the era.

I have contacts with many experts in the history of aeronautics, with whom I also collaborated, and I am a member of  GAVS, though not very active, and a member of the "air Archaeologists" with which we have tried, and sometimes even managed, to reconstruct the histories of aeronautical events of our areas ... often taking beautiful walks through them with metal detectors.

I am a member of the Associazione Arma Aeronautica of Montepulciano, dedicated to my great friend and pilot Mario Fumagalli, class of 1913, unfortunately recently deceased, though with very limited time resources.   I have a great passion for history and for the flight ...I'm honored to be part of the team ... It always takes someone on the ground, right?


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