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I was born in 1960 and raised in Turin with Nicoletta and our son Umberto.  I am a computer scientist, but my passions are always aviation and naval history.  I began flying in a glider in 1977 and I have continued with flying in motorized flight, claiming a Grade II with my first earnings after military service.  In the years I have flown many aircraft, I love especially among gliders the Libelle and among airplanes the Stinson L5, in which I made many glider towings, but even used for travel. 

My turning point in aviation, at the end of hours of flying and safety and acquired autonomy, arrived when I abandoned the airports for the airfields and when I found the I-BLEK, a 1963 Fournier RF3 (s.n. 02, the oldest Fournier in flying condition), that I restored completely a few years ago, and on which I personally supervise the regular maintenance and the the renewal of the CNS, today PdV.

"BLEK" is based at the Mazzè airfield, near Turin, and in September 2013 celebrated its first 50 years!

Over the years I have made so many friends with whom to share the passion of restorations and historic aircraft.  Thanks to them, I can approach new aircraft all the time and sometimes even fly them:  The next things on my list "desiderata" list?  A Stearman, a G46, a T6 and FL3 ....


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