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I was born in Genoa in 1959, passionate about flight and historic aircraft from the time I was a little boy.  I remember exactly the first model airplane I built when I was six years old, a T6 from Airfix, and my first flight, from Genoa to Milan, next to the window on a Caravelle, a gift from my grandfather for my eighth grade exam, with the return by train.

I achieved my boyhood dream, entering as a student pilot the Air Force in 1978 with the course “URBANO third”.   Briefly a pilot in the United States, I spent most of my life on duty at Grosseto and I am still in the service, always in love with flight ( that military historic and romantic party) and with my Armed Force.  I am grateful and well aware that God is the reason I have been able to make work at the thing that gives me passion:  It still makes me happy.

Thanks to my friend Sandro Pagliarin, I have the privilege, the honor and the good fortune to be able to fly the splendid T6-G I-SSEP and to participate, work permitting, on two restoration projects.

I live for work in Rome, where a pilot has more desks than airplanes.  I grab all the flights I can to Grosseto, where I have a home, to get my hands dirty in my "office" and enjoy the skies of Maremma in a fantastic P&W 1340.

I am married to Flavia and I have two children, Federica and Enrico.

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